...inflated the balls to pressures between 7 and 9 psi, and performed the bounce test mentioned above. With the pressure as an independent variable and bounce height as a dependent variable Compute the standard deviation of errors. Predict the bounce height of a basketball for x=8.0.
Jul 10, 2016 · When a ball is dropped gravity pulls the ball toward the ground, slowing the ball down so that each bounce is shorter and shorter, until eventually the ball stops bouncing. The force of the ball hitting the hard ground puts an equal force back onto the ball, meaning it bounces back up.

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The Effect of Altitude on Tennis. Playing tennis at higher altitudes is different than at sea level because the lower air pressure allows the ball to bounce higher. The lower density of the air has a significant effect on the speed of the ball. At higher altitudes, you don't need as much power, but you do need ...

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When you drop a ball in the air, often the air resistance force is ignored. How high would you have to drop something so that the air resistance is significant? Here is a model of a ping pong ball falling from a height of 10 meters. Actually, this is a Glowscript program so you can run it yourself and even...The more air inside the ball, the less the ball compresses upon impact. And the less the ball flattens, the more energy there is to make the ball rebound. Of course, an inflated ball won't keep ...

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it does because heat makes things expand and when you bounce a basketball for instance it needs to flatten a little bit to get mometum and bounce itself back up, but a deflated ball dosn'tgo as high because it flattens to much to the ground. but if the ball is cold that means the molecules are closer together making it stiffer so then it hits but it won't bounce as high.

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The relationship between the internal air pressure and the coefficient of restitution was investigated for an inflated rubber ball. The ball was dropped and its position was tracked with a motion detector. The velocity, before and after impact, and the internal pressure were determined. It was found that the...

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Explore how temperature can affect the bounce of each ball by measuring the bounce after placing the balls in a freezer for 30 minutes. Why did the cold affect the ball's ability to bounce? Explain how elasticity and air pressure are affected by temperature.Jul 06, 2017 · An exercise ball, also known as a stability ball, is traditionally used in exercise routines as means to improve balance, allow exercisers to do exercises they would not otherwise be able to do (i.e. using the ball against a wall to squat) and expand range of motion (i.e. crunches). Use of exercise balls has moved out of the gym and into the office, where increasing numbers of people use them ...

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May 14, 2017 - Explore Shannon McWatters's board "Science Fair Ideas", followed by 149 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Science fair, Science, Science projects. The more air pressure in the ball, the higher the ball will bounce. The less air pressure, the lower the ball will bounce. This is the same for just about any ball, too- not just basketballs. When...

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If the air pressure within a ball is increased, then the gas within the ball becomes more elastic. Elasticity enables an object to release energy This same theory also applies toward the bouncing of balls. The more pressure that is held within the ball, then the higher that the ball will bounce when...Q. What is the independent variable in this hypothesis. If the air pressure of a soccer ball affects how far it travels when kicked, then the more air in the ball; the further it will travel.

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